It’s true, no man is an island. Man was designed for intimacy, for family, for fellowship, for community, for partnership. Part of man’s original design has been laid out since Day 1 when God said, “It is not good for man to be alone..”.

Although, this is of a context quite different from where I’m actually aiming at,yet the same truth is still written all over it. This proverb shares the same thought as well: “If  you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Few weeks ago(January 15-21), Ignite Internship 2.0 happened and I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around the whole thing and how it again moved me to realign myself to what truly matters. This batch is definitely different from the last considering their backgrounds but all the same, I have realized that there has been a release in the acceleration of having this unrelenting pursuit in glorifying Jesus in every tongue and tribe. There is an urgency for another baptism of love all across the earth that would be significantly necessary in bringing back home the lost children of the Father.

Once again, I have been captivated by the goodness of Abba. This goodness– displayed in the lives of His children– experienced by them, manifested through them which awakens love in the hearts, thus a desire increases for a deeper knowing of who He is.

We had 18 interns who signed up and all of them, in their own expression of love towards Jesus, desired for a deeper revelation of this Beautiful Man and His longing to come back for a Bride that is ready and fully devoted to Him. It was one full week of realigning our hearts towards His, learning of His excellencies, and of course, sharing life with one another, walking as one despite our differences.

In our differences we find that each of us has been endowed with unique potentials and giftings and each plays a part in what the Father is doing across the nation and the nations of the earth, released and articulated in different expressions. Sharing life together is indeed a beautiful journey of what family is all about and what the Father had in mind in the beginning.

Throughout the one week of learning and gleaning from each other, I once again recognized what has been happening in front of me. It seems that the Bride is truly in the midst of Her great awakening– an awakening of this deep yearning for Her Bridegroom, willing and unreserved to walk in unity among the brethren, and a growing understanding that She is destined to partner with Him in releasing His justice on the earth.
But the greatest of these to which my eyes have been consistently looking at and encountering is the hunger and pursuit of a daily encounter of the Father’s love. As we position ourselves as sons and daughters, we journey into going deep in this primary calling that we have. The Father will never deny a request from His children to be filled with His love. This love then is all the more deep seated within our spirits and the only way is out. It will always overflow. When we are filled to overflowing, we can’t and we don’t want to keep it for ourselves alone. Love will always express itself. We receive and drink of this love from above and we release it to the people around us– to our own families, work places, communities and wherever He has assigned us to be for a season. It will always be vertical before it becomes horizontal. Because the truth remains– we can never give what we don’t have. 

Reflecting, my heart can only articulate in part, and comprehend in part. I guess that’s the beauty of the process each of us are in– there is always more. And the more comes only when we want it to come; only when we ask for it. When we have begun to experience glimpses of His love and the reality of what He can accomplish in partnership with us, we can never stay stagnant. How can one remain the same when he or she has encountered a love so strong that it removes anything that hinders it? 
I saw with my own eyes, how the Father moved and encountered hearts during the internship week but it is yet another opening to a new beginning for these devoted ones. I saw lives being marked again with an eternal vision. I saw willing hearts that would go against the flow and only pursue what is necessary in this dark hour of history. I saw laid down lovers desiring to fix their gaze on Him, and looking into those eyes of fire.
And having looked, a response was birthed out– to express this desire from the heart of the Father to bring the lost children home, and to be His voice, hands and feet; partnering with His Spirit to bring Heaven to earth and preparing the way for the return of the Desire of All Nations.
“It’s a heart that is willing to respond before He speaks that attracts Him to speak. It’s a willing heart to obey that attracts revelation.”- Bill Johnson



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