I Didn’t Forget This One

I know I just had to write about this one. And so my apologies, since this is quite a late write up; but definitely, it’s worth the words, my friends. The beautiful things the Spirit of God is doing in the midst of a people that have humbly responded to His call to go and partner with Him is always worth telling about. And I have seen that in the lives of the students and leaders that I met back Agoo, La Union.

When you see hunger being met, it does something significant to your heart– whether it be questions answered, peace being received, a desire fulfilled. I love being a witness to what the Lord is doing in this hour, here in Vigan City, all across Ilocos Sur and in the different parts of this region. Co-laboring with Jesus is indeed a journey and I am enjoying the process as I daily lean and learn from Him.

Last July 21-22, I had the awesome privilege of being invited to be one of the speakers in a Student Missionary Training under the Chi Alpha Philippines ministry, organized and facilitated by Grace Christian Assembly in Agoo, La Union. 

I was tasked to share about the importance of pursuing His presence and was led to focus on the primary significance of abiding in Him, gleaning from John 15. Fruitfulness will come as you cling on to the True Vine. As such, fruitfulness is an outflow, a result, a visible manifestation of your inward life.

The Word of God and our pursuit for nearness will position us to change our external reality. So let me just put it upfront; the truth and the hard hitting reality that needs to be reckoned with is this: The world needs to see Jesus. The world needs to encounter Him, and experience His love. Hence, if your intimacy is not translated into tangible ways of loving people and making the Father and His love known, then there is a disparity between your inward life and your outward life.

Love has to look like something. 

I love how they value equipping and championing the hearts of these young ones, empowering them and journeying with them in pursuing a common vision of seeing their campuses transformed for Jesus.

The Lord is raising up and preparing a generation that would love courageously; to be salt and light in this dark age.

We are not just called to reflect His light, we are called to SHINE.

It was definitely a humbling experience, and an encouraging one altogether. Apart from that, Daddy God knows me so well and made sure I ticked off one of the things in my bucket list– cliff dive at Tangadan Falls. That, fam, is simply a bonus, considering this privilege that He has presented me with.

 It was worth it! All my gratitude and respect goes to the community there in Agoo–Shine on! Keep burning, fearless ones,and continue to set a platform for Jesus to be known.


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