Courage Ignited.

Post-Graduation Family Photo: 22 Awesome Interns + The Staff

To be courageous is to do something you are unqualified to do. – Aaron Walsh

Together as a House, I believe that we in Vigan House of Prayer, have responded to the call of the Holy Spirit to take a step of faith and be courageous in this season.

Until now, I am in awe of the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord over VigHOP. This month we’re crossing our 3-year mark! (So stoked that I get to be part of what the Lord is doing here!) Even if I wasn’t there when they began, I consider it joy to be journeying with them now. With all that He has done to this house, we agree with Him in His Word that unless He builds the house, we, the laborers, labor in vain. 

James giving a powerful message during Graduation Night on answering the call of being forerunners and living out lives that resound radical love for Jesus.

The Lord met our weak “Yes” and matched it with His sustaining grace, wisdom and heavenly downloads enabling us to facilitate our very own Internship last July 3-9. We were mindblown with the fact that 22 Interns signed up for this, from different locations–Ilocos Norte, Baguio, Quezon City (Luzon House of Prayer), Makati (Makati House of Prayer), and of course from Vigan City.

We appreciate our friends from our international family of affections–Ephraim Thong, Shalom Fung (Burning Hearts SG) and Stephanie James (Penang House of Prayer), who all came down to help us run the Internship. 

It was quite surreal that we get to partner with them; we are humbled by their obedience to the Holy Spirit in coming here. 

Proud of these three fiery ones! They all spoke and taught on themes that were slowly cultivated in them by the Spirit even throughout these years. 

Vigan House of Prayer has a vision to see Ignite Internship as a platform for equipping and training these forerunners to have a radical pursuit of His purposes in their lives. This served as a period of igniting and awakening whatever the Lord has already deposited in them. And out of a place of Intimate communion with Him, a desire will be birthed out in them to release His presence wherever they go, even as they build Him a dwelling place, and see incense rise, all for the Son of God to be lifted up and glorified (Malachi 1:11).

We ended the one week Internship through strengthening one another by prayer and releasing words of encouragement, building up each other’s faith.

I believe Ignite Internship was birthed not for it to be the sole answer to our fervent prayer to see incense rise in every island in this nation. But we stepped out in faith despite our weaknesses because we responded to an invitation to be caught up in His story, in what He is doing in this glorious hour.

Harp and Bowl Workshop.| All 22 Interns can SING, even moreso– singing the Word back to Him!

Bible Study sessions done daily caused our hearts to burn all the more for His Words and to hunger for more of Him.

What a privilege to partner with Jesus in this time in history where an awakening of hearts is happening across the earth; an awakening to an internal fascination of the Desire of All Nations that will usher us into the End Time Harvest.

It is undeniable now that the Lord is raising up trailblazers, forerunners, Friends of the Bridegroom that will sound the alarm and proclaim His coming and the Day of His appearing. He is raising up Lovers that would set up a platform for the Father to glorify the Son.

Community Time was a blast! We all got to spend time with each other and simply share life!

Exactly two years ago, the Lord marked me in the Burning Hearts Conference in Singapore and there an assignment was released and a vision birthed– to see incense rise in every island in the Philippines. Isaiah 42:12 was laid on my heart: “Let them give glory to the Lord and proclaim his praise in the islands.”
At that time, my heart was so gripped by this dream in His heart that He was sharing to me. Yet,as overwhelmed as I was, I had this peaceful confidence in my heart that He is able to accomplish this by His Spirit and His zealous love for my nation. Back then, I didn’t know how it would look like nor when things will come to pass. Up to now, I still don’t know what it would look like, or how He’s going to cause things to come about. I am learning and leaning daily; taking it one day at a time and enjoying the adventure that He has invited me to journey in.

Love that I get to run with these “suicide lovers” for this one full week! | Shalom, look here! Lol 

On a personal note, this Internship reminded me that my yes was worth it. My yes to Jesus to come to Vigan City and partner with Him was and is worth it, to this day.
Fast forward to where He has brought me now, I am undone because of His great mercy and faithfulness. He has opened my eyes to the truth that He is slowly fulfilling the vision. It’s so remarkable that I get to see this vision unfold before my very eyes. Out from our little Prayer Room here in Vigan City, forerunners are now being equipped, trained but more than that, providing for them an avenue to receive fresh revelations and downloads from the Holy Spirit that would propel them to walk worthy of their calling. This Internship has sparked a desire in their hearts to minister unto Jesus and hear what’s on His heart; to pray what He prays and feel what He feels. At the end of the day, we do not aim to build Houses of Prayers in different locations, nor do we want to become experts in following a prayer model that would help us run a House of Prayer. We want transformed hearts–wholehearted lovers that have a vision for eternity and their lives would speak of the worthiness of Jesus til’ the Day of His Appearing.

We desire to raise up forerunners that would prepare the way for His return, setting up a platform for the Father to glorify His Son and having a pure desire to see Jesus fulfill His calling. Such forerunners then will understand His jealousy for the Philippines.
These forerunners have embraced the ache of longing for their Bridegroom King; and out from that place, crucified lives would be lived out. Incense and fragrance would emanate from the altars of their hearts and it would be so contagious that the world would want what they have. 

Praying together as a family and as a Bride and sealing what the Lord has done over their hearts throughout the week.

You can never fake Intimacy. Love is a mark of a true disciple and love will always express itself– obedience is love expressed.Thus, if one professes to live a life of intimacy, his life will always speak of love. We pray that these ones being raised up would love well and obey in love.And that is what we want to see all across the Philippines; even as incense will rise in different locations, may this incense arise from hearts that are fully devoted to Him in love and would go all the way to partner with Him.

One week flew by so fast, but what the Lord has done in our hearts cannot be fully grasped. I may try to articulate what He did in mine, but I always end up saying “He has won my heart again.”

He always has, and surely He still will in the days to come.

To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. | Rev. 1:5b- 6 ESV

*Some of the photos were captured by Marchita Danglapen 📷


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  1. AMAZING!!! Such a powerful testament of His goodness….and what can I say? I love the speechless phrase – ” He has won my heart again” ❤ HUGS!!

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