This is not the end.

When October struck, I felt that time really flew by fast, since I’ll be leaving by the end of the month. I knew though,that I had to continue bettering my best and do things excellently in love. Clearly,this is not the end. The Lord has barely begin His good work and my heart is expectant for what’s next in the journey.

There was a sense of excitement as
well because I knew God had so many awesome things in store this month! And indeed, He did not disappoint.

We had a Sem-Ender blast for the students last October 13. It was an amazing night filled of joy, beautiful testimonies, talents expressed in praise- all of it as an overflow of our gratitude towards the Father for His faithfulness to us for the past semester!
With some of the students we are ministering to in the campus. These young women faithfully attend our discipleship groups every Wednesdays and even attending the  prayer sets in the House of Prayer every week.

Blessed beyond words to be a part of this radical team of young hearts! What a bunch of laid down lovers these people are. 🙂

This month had also been a month of going deeper and pressing in for us in the House of Prayer. The Lord called us to a Solemn Assembly, seeking Him further as Bridegroom King and receiving direction as well in our personal journeys and for the HOP as a whole. We did this twice in the third week of this month. As we intentionally sought Him, our hearts were expanded, aligning all the more to His purposes. Personally, this part of the month allowed me to receive clarity in my assignment this season. The Lord has been so good and faithful in assuring me that I am in the right track.  

On October 26th (Apparently, my last day in Vigan City for this time), I had the beautiful privilege of being a part of “ELEVATE”,a Sem-End Youth Gathering for all the young people all across Ilocos Region. As James Lee Lacaden received the vision of having this gathering as a platform to unite all the young people across the region, hearts re-ignited to seek His face, we ran alongside him in this with other youth leaders. Together with more than 200 young people, we had an awesome time of worship, fellowship and encouragement through the Word delivered dynamically by Ptr. Jeremiah James Lopez (Youth Pastor, Baguio Assembly City Church).

This may be the last activity I had been a part of for this season, but my heart is full knowing that I get to partner with Jesus in what He is doing in Ilocos Region. Everytime I look back and ruminate on specific moments in the journey, I never fail to remember how Good of a Father He is. His hand has always been upon me and His ways are unfathomable.

Amazed at how hungry these young people are and their constant pursuit of Him and His purposes for their lives encourages me to do the same!

Currenty, I am back in my hometown,Iloilo City, The City of Love. I’ll be here for a two-month period, and as a clear direction from the Lord, I will be back in Vigan City on January next year.

I am also excited to let you know that I am believing to be a part of the Burn Internship in Penang House of Prayer in Malaysia on March 2016. It will be a month of going deeper in learning more about prayer and worship, and gaining depth of insight in what the Lord is doing across Asia and discover more of how I can be a part of His big story.
I will personally message you one by one for further details with regards to this, and how you can be a part of this leg of the journey.
Speaking forth life over all of you. May the God of peace release wisdom and revelation upon your spirits that you may know Him better. I declare open Heavens in every area of your life and may the Lord bless all the works of your hands! He is faithful and He will finish what He has started in our lives!

Please do continue to partner with me in Prayer by agreeing with me in praying for:

– Steadfastness for the staff (Fulltime and non-fulltime) in the House of Prayer. We desire to be faithful in what we are currently doing. 

– Hunger to be increased as we desire to press in for more and not just settle. We believe we were designed for fullness, and we aim to journey from that perspective towards the deeper things in His heart. 

– Provision for our monthly needs in the House of Prayer (rent, utilities, etc.)

– A deeper revelation of His love for the students we are ministering to in the campus.

– Creative ideas in reaching out to the young hearts we want to invite in our Youth Night (every Tuesdays) and Discipleship Groups (every Wednesdays). 

On a personal note, please do pray for me to be strengthened in my inner man as I journey with the Lord in the next two months here in my hometown. I believe this will be a time of refreshing for me, a time of rest and preparation for the next leg of the season. I have merely started and I believe in my heart, the Lord has so many surprises for me next year! I am grateful to Abba that you chose to be involved and be a part of what the Lord is doing in this hour. He is worthy and He will received the reward of His suffering in Vigan City and our nation.

Til’ every island sings,



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