Sharing with you all another spoken word piece I wrote few months ago. Ruminating on the truth that Jesus became like us, and remains fully Man and fully God til’ eternity, still blows my mind and burns my heart to abide all the more.

After all, we’re only human.

That’s what they always say; 

A mistake here,

an error, a wrong decision,

a broken promise– 

We end up having this excuse, 

this truth but a cliche overly misused–

After all, we’re only human.

We reap the consequences of every decision made,

mostly not of pleasing disposition does it leave us in;

out of a calloused, offended heart we throw words, hating.

Our actions not lining up to the truth we believe in,

but how do we even begin?

How do we muster the strength to move on?

To shake off the clinging baggages?

How do we let LOVE WIN?

After all, we’re only human.

I don’t expect everyone to believe me this instant,

but can I say something important? 

A heavy truth you might find hard to welcome, 

but beloved, this is relevant.

I’ll tell you a story,so those who have ears, hear.

In the beginning, when all was dark and without form,

when there only was nothingness– 

The Spirit hovering, over this emptiness, waiting.

Then suddenly, a Voice spoke..

Words were spoken: LET THERE BE LIGHT.

And then there was light. 

With authority was Creation formed, 

From light, to night, to trees and every living thing..

Wisdom was with the Master Craftsman,

Delighting in it all but thinking– something’s missing.

So they said, “Let us make Man in our own image.”

In their likeness they formed Him.

Their breath in him, gave him life 

and he became a living soul. 

Can you imagine? In the image of the Uncreated One was 

Man formed; were WE formed.

An exact replica of The Creator,

Carrier of His glory,

Dominion over all the earth–

This was Man’s lot, and inheritance of glorious worth.

To get to the point Im driving at,



In the Garden, with the Woman, Man partook of the fruit

of the Tree that God warned them of.

Heeded the voice of the serpent they did, 
saw their nakedness and so they


Should we say, “After all, we’re only human.”?

The ground cursed,

Man should toil all his life,

the Woman to submit to Man,

be subject to pain, 

in giving birth, much trouble to gain.

In the midst of it all,

a promise, a prophecy of hope was released.

It was the promise of THE SEED.

From then on, 

generation after generation, 

the enemy’s camp searched and waited

in furious anticipation–

of the coming of the Seed.

Such is humanity’s need,

for the image of man to be restored..

An undeniable gap was formed, a great divide waiting

for reconciliation to take place.

A drawing of hearts back to the Father of Lights,

mending wounds and making wrong things right.

How? How can this be done?

A holy discourse went on, I can imagine;

The Trinity deciding, who will go and bring salvation?

Who will go and bridge the gap, bringing restoration?

All of heaven waited..

Until The Son said,

“Let me be the One.”


Wisdom saying,”I will give my life for humanity.

I will give up my deity to set every heart free. 

I will show them what Love looks like..

I will show them what You are like, Father.

I will do this for us, for the family we dreamed of 

being with forever.”

So it must be done.

Heaven orchestrated His coming perfectly.

Out of a royal bloodline did He come forth,

A new branch will grow from a stump of a tree,

A new King will come from the family of Jesse.

But not in glorious appearance did He choose to come;

never would we imagine for a God to leave heaven,

to choose to be vulnerable, to take our form,

to live in inside a womb for nine long months,

delicate and fragile.. would you even dare to imagine?

Even so, it had to happen.

God-All powerful, God-All Mighty, of Glorious Deity–

took our human form, blended in with humanity.

The enemy’s cohorts actively searching and waiting still,

expecting this King to be born in royal courts;

expecting the Seed to be welcomed

in glory befitting royalty–

but NO,

in a humble atmosphere did He come in;

a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,

Meekness born in a manger;

Glory embodied in a baby;

Wisdom delivered in vulnerable state;




To this day, this is still a glorious mystery.

To me, my mind is blown whenever I tell this story.

The Uncreated One choosing to become human;

The Word became flesh,

and dwelt among us. 

He was full of Grace and Truth!

In Him there was LIFE, and that life

was the Light of all men.

He lived among us!

The Beloved Son represented the Father as He should,

living life perfectly, preaching, teaching

and walking it out accordingly.

A manual of Kingdom life He outlined, 

The Sermon on the Mount is Christianity 101.

He performed miracles generously, 

loved on people intentionally,

discipled faithfully and

communed with the Father unceasingly.

Perfect and blameless, He came to do the will of His Father.

“Not my will but Yours be done.” 

Did He declare.

And He prayed,”I have given these people the glory that 

You gave me so that they can be one, just as You and I are one.

I will be in them and You will be in me so that they will

be completely one..”

And this.. This heartcry he made in the Garden:

“FATHER, I DESIRE that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me; for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.”

How can a God who owns everything,needing nothing,

and yet here, desiring something?

He wanted this.

He wanted us.

He paid for something He wanted.

Everytime I think of Him becoming human, I look at myself,

and it leaves me undone.

He thought of me before I came to be.

I was a dream in His heart.

I am now an answered prayer.

To Tolkien, His Incarnation was humanity’s Eucatastrophe.

And the eucatastrophe to the latter was His resurrection.

Becoming flesh He bridged the gap,

bringing hope eternal, 

He purposed and planned; 

to restore all things to Him–

for Heaven and Earth to be one.

And so I press on,

I look forward to the Day of His return.

A Day of glorious redemption it will be!

A Day wherein Euripides’ plot device

wont be merely processed by sanity, 

but its unfolding,to everyone it will become reality–

His coming back defying all gravity.

With us reveling in resurrected,glorious bodies!

After all, He became human,

lived as a human,

resurrected and now seated glorious as a Man.

And so this beautiful story will culminate in a wedding.

The Bridegroom will marry His Bride,

and enjoy life unending!

Come, Lord Jesus! 



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