In The Cool of The Day

Is it possible to find ourselves believing something, but not actually walking it out?

Like believing we’re children of royal blood but living like slaves without right? Or believing we’re high born but living with fear of the future and nothing good in sight?

How can we believe something and not let our lifestyle go with it agreeing?

It messes me up sometimes that what we have actually dreamed of and possess is already available.

We only need to have the right heart, posture and access it because the One who gives is willing and able!

No arguments involved if you decipher things with holy resolve. 

The Lamb that was slain gave it all, believing that in giving His all in love, it is us He will gain.

A life with us, an eternity to live with His beloved ones; Forever in His heart, intensified when He shouted “It is done.”

Let our focus be then locked onto Him.

Our eyes fixed on things above, 

Looking only unto our Beloved with eyes like doves.

Let us be transformed by the renewing of our minds; looking ahead, leaving the past behind.

Understanding we were made new, 

New creatures we have become,

To live abundant lives, and in Divine love we are welcomed.

Let our hearts be postured to receive,

Let not the enemy deceive,

As we press on to believe that what He has bestowed, He has conceived,

In our spirits,

In secret, 

In the quiet intimacies of our daily encounters–

This is where our relationship is strengthened,

Our wrong mindsets broken,

Our desire for Him,heightened,

All that is not of Him, removed and taken.

We are becoming more like Him,

Being transformed daily in His image,

From glory to glory,

From strength to strength,

From love to love.

Let’s live like we’re meant to live.
Let’s live in intimacy,

Let’s live in the reality that we are sons and daughters,

and that we have a Good,Good Father.

All He wants is our deep friendship-

Walking with Him in the cool of the day and enjoying His presence.


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