Nothing Is Wasted

My mind is constantly blown at how faithful our Heavenly Father is. He causes me to revel in His goodness daily; He allows me to see that His love permeates even in the little things in life. 

There are times though that I get caught up with the worries that arise especially in the season where I am in now and where He has placed me. BUT GOD, being the good Daddy that He is, tenderly reminds me that He will finish what He has started. My Daddy is not a quitter, and so am I. I follow after Him, and it’s only by His grace alone,and  in partnership with Him that I can press on, steadfastly running the race til’ Kingdom come.

At this point this message rings true for me: Nothing Is Wasted. Whatever you have done, or have decided to do, when it is done in love, then that’s all that matters. Where you are now, be confident that God has placed you there for a significant purpose. Indeed, He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. 

Let me just share to you a spoken word piece I wrote few months back:

Nothing Is Wasted

I have a secret.
Do you want to hear it?

A simple statement, yet profoundly deep.

It can disrupt your disciplined pace of thoughts,

A blow on your perspective it gives,

or a sharp sting on your heart it leaves.

Do you dare to hear it?

Truth be told, this will change you.
If not, then this can offend you.

But hear, when I heard and received it, 

I just had to believe it.

The weight of its truth, I felt.

The whys behind it, I began to see.

The confidence to declare it, arose in me.

Something shifted, something lifted,

My heart targeted, and apprehended.

Do you seek to know it?

I’ll cut right through and address you;

Here’s the secret: NOTHING IS WASTED.

When you hit a wall, frustration sets in.
When your heart breaks, and to depression you give in.

I tell you, nothing is futile.

None done in vain, when you did all because you loved–

Then love itself is your gain.

“Nothing is wasted,” I heard Him say.

Every tear you’ve shed;

Every prayer you’ve uttered,

Every hurt you’ve suffered,

Every word you spoke,

Every hand you’ve helped,

Every burden you’ve carried;

The moments, the hours, the days you’ve tarried..

The questions you’ve asked, still unanswered;
The emotions invested, is it worthwhile?

The time you spent going the extra mile,

The pages you’ve written all in a pile..

“Is it all worth it?” You ask.

Did it mean anything?

Did it mean anything to anyone?

Did it change something or someone?

Even if you think you’ve failed,

And you did everything, yet you bailed.

Let me say it to your face: Nothing is wasted.   

Oh what grace!
So give, til’ you can give no more.

Build, til’ your hands are sore.

Walk the extra mile.

Write to express, not so to impress;

but to address–

Write truth because it hits home.

Speak of realities ; of things seen,mostly unseen;

Testify of happenings of now and those that has been.

Serve without recognition.

Help without getting attention.

Reach out, teach, preach.

Encourage, yes put courage into hearts.

Inspire, shine, shine brightly in the dark.

Lead, if you can and if you will,

Yet learning the art to follow still.

Obey even if it’s difficult.

Pray unceasingly; know there’s joy in this pursuit.

Yes, we are all a work in progress.

Nothing is wasted. No regrets, no regress.

There is nothing Abba can’t undo.
There is nothing He can’t change;

He will redeem.He will revive.

You know you gave your all,
and in faith, You stood tall.

You know you loved.

Your heart poured out,

Your time, energy, money, you gave out.

You know you loved.

Because you know He loved first.

And here’s a greater secret:

He said it, believed it,

And lived it first: 



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